010 – resampling

Resampling, or recording processed audio back into the daw, is an important technique for my specific style of effect use and sound design. This can be done easily in a few ways within Ableton Live. Firstly, using a fresh audio track, setting the input to Resample, and arming the track to record. This will record any sounds coming from the master output when recording is initiated. Alternatively, you can also select a specific track within the project for the blank recording track to take as an input. Finally freezing and flattening is always an option, but this can limit your adjustment potential later on. If you do freeze and flatten, I recommend saving the specific audio track before freezing, so you have the option to adjust the original processing later if needed.

With resampled audio, the immediate benefit is to decrease computer resource usage on midi instruments and audio effects, freeing up your computer to be more responsive or to add further effects. With my resampled audio I will often warp some small segments in excessive ways and with technically inappropriate warping modes, to achieve a unique texture or glitchy effect. This of course rapidly degrades the audio quality, but in this case we want to degrade the quality to create previously unheard or unattainable sounds.

The last technique I will run over this week is reversing. This can be done simply to reverse the sound, or we can apply effects on the sound in reverse, resample, and re-reverse the sound. This gives us some completely strange artifacts and textures otherwise unachievable. It’s commonly used in horror films for example; try this with a nice long reverb and you will immediately hear the “creepyness.” I’ll also do this with delays at times, to build up into a transition or intoduce a sound in a unique way. Combine the “pre” delay with some repitched delay time modulation and you’ve got even more madness to explore.

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